Crystal Wright Op-Ed: The Grand Old Party Is Stuck On Stupid

The conservative Republican blogger in D.C. writes: “Republican Senator Jeff Flake had to apologize for his 15-year-old son’s unsavory remarks on Twitter. According to Buzzfeed, Tanner Flake tweeted he would find ‘the f____t’ who stole his bike and ‘beat the crap out of you.’ Tanner also posted screenshots of his scores from an online game ‘Fun Run’ where he used the handle ‘n____rkiller’. If this isn’t enough to make anyone’s eyes roll in disgust, Buzzfeed reported that Tanner’s Twitter account, which is now locked, revealed his repeated use of the racial slurs in January and February. Tanner made equally offensive comments on YouTube, including ‘n____r’ and ‘f____t’ along with calling Mexicans ‘scum of the Earth’. Strong words for a 15-year-old, who also gleefully reminded everyone his father was a member of Congress, according Buzzfeed.”

She continues her commentary, responding to Sen. Flake’s public apology for his son: “The burning question is where did Tanner hear this kind of ‘unacceptable’ language? Typically, children repeat things they’ve heard their parents say or those close to them. The fact that Tanner Flake used these words with impunity across various social media platforms for months suggests he’s quite at ease with bigoted thinking. Whether the senator knew about it or not, it’s just another example of why blacks and other ethnic minorities don’t trust the GOP’s words of inclusion.”

More commentary from Ms. Wright, about Republicans in Congress: “On the heels of the son-of-Flake hate rant, the good ole boys of the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Representative Bob Goodlatte (a Virginia Republican), thought now is the time to pass an abortion ban bill and alienate more women voters. As Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank aptly noted with sarcasm, not one of the 23 Republican members on the House Judiciary Committee is a woman. They are all white males dedicated to legislating women’s health issues. Do you see the irony in this?”