J.C. Watts Talks About Bringing Ethnic Diversity To The GOP

Richard Ivory of Hip Hop Republican blog interviews the conservative Republican and former U.S. Congressman for The Washington Times. Some excerpts:

What is the vision for INSIGHT America? And how will you seek to implement it?“INSIGHT America is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization that exists to empower communities of color by offering policy solutions and growing the next generation of public policy leaders. Through our core programs, INSIGHT America empowers young professionals of color who identify with solutions that work and advocate for independent thought with the training, networking and awareness needed to succeed in public policy. Our core programs include public policy forums, a Congressional internship program, professional development for young policy professionals and opportunities to network.”

What does an urban conservative policy platform look like? Strong families, strong education, entrepreneurship, opportunity, homeownership. Republicans and Democrats should foster sound, responsible policies that get positive results surrounding these 5 pillars and we should keep score. As the old saying goes, if we’re not keeping score, it’s just practice.

In 10 years where will INSIGHT America be? I hope INSIGHT America will be a well-known bastion of ideas and solutions for communities of color, a resource for minority public policy leaders and a launching pad for the next generation of minority leaders.