Obama Sees Africa As Next Global Economic Success

Something that Booker Rising has been stating for about five years now. From CNN, about the moderate-liberal Democratic president’s visit to Tanzania: “Obama is in Africa to promote an increased partnership amid criticism the United States has, outside of military interests, focused its attention on other areas of the world. Tanzania is an important partner on security and development, and Obama sought to highlight its economic potential with China and other foreign governments paying more attention to it lately. Lying strategically on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is an outlet for many landlocked neighbors and a jumping-off point for companies looking to expand commercial opportunities.”

The U.S. is trying to compete against China, on the African continent: “It has largely untapped agricultural and mineral resources, and Obama is trying to put forward the case for African consumers and their governments to look West rather then East. ‘We have got enormous opportunity to unleash the next era of African growth. I see Africa as the world’s next major economic success story and the United States wants to be a partner in that success,’ Obama told a roundtable of some 20 U.S., African and other international corporate chief executives before addressing a larger group of business leaders. He was joined at the roundtable by the heads of General Electric, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Symbion Power Corp, which partnered with GE to build a major dam in Tanzania.”