Political Astrology: Behind Booker Rising’s Personality

booker-rising-natal-imageAt 2:47am on May 11, 2004, yours truly uploaded Booker Rising’s first post onto the Internet. Booker Rising has a strong-willed Taurus Sun, combined with a creative Pisces Ascendant (the “face” that it presents to the world), and a humanitarian-oriented Aquarius Moon (its “emotions”). The blog’s Midheaven/MC (its career cusp) is positioned in idealistic and philosophical Sagittarius.

What does political astrology say about Booker Rising’s personality traits? I didn’t intentionally select the May 11 founding date or the 2:47am founding time, like former President Ronald Reagan and former First Lady Nancy Reagan would often do when launching major initiatives for maximum celestial benefit. Until a few months ago, I didn’t even know the time that I first posted to Booker Rising.

However, it is interesting that this natal chart links so well with Booker Rising’s purpose and activities. I’m sure hardcore astrology fans would argue that I was not just starting a new hobby on a very-early-morning whim  (as I would argue….I vaguely recall the day that I launched the blog, and I never envisioned that I’d still be blogging 8 years later), but that I was “destined” to launch Booker Rising on that date, at that specific time.

rebellionKey Personality Trait: Highly Rebellious & Individualistic….On Behalf Of Humanitarian Ideals & On Behalf Of A Misunderstood Group

With Uranus (which symbolizes rebellion) in creative Pisces conjunct its creative Pisces Ascendant/House Of Self axis, Booker Rising will use its creativity in order to upset the apple cart. This is a very rebellious placement, representing an unconventional and innovative personality seeking to blaze new trails.

However, Uranus rules the 12th House of Self-Undoing cusp — which rules altruism and social responsibility — and with Uranus also being placed in the 12th House, this rebelliousness will be used to help humanity in some manner. More specifically, providing a unique service to humanity as Uranus is about uniqueness. It is also a good placement for entities that which to impact insight and knowledge to humanity. Astrologer Stephanie Camilleri states that entities with a 12th House Uranus “do best working for the good of some alienated or misunderstood group as their criticisms will then be of use in defence of something other than themselves…” I’d certainly argue that black conservatives and moderates (the group that Booker Rising defends) is a politically alienated and misunderstood group!

Astrologer Liz Greene states that Uranus in the 12th House also suggests “a very strong interest in political movements and ideologies, but in a rather compulsive as opposed to reflective way.”

Uranus also rules technology, so its conjunction with the 1st House of Self ties in to the blog’s inherent Internet role.

authority2Key Personality Trait: Very Strong Desire To Become Powerful & An Undisputed Political Authority….While Challenging Authority

Pluto (which symbolizes change and power) is conjunct the Midheaven in the 10th House of Social Status, which also rules government authority and politics. Booker Rising seeks to make a very strong impression on others and be an undisputed, powerful authority. This placement shows a strong desire to make a powerful political change agent in the world. Booker Rising seeks to create a legacy for itself.

With Pluto in international-minded Sagittarius, Booker Rising’s ambition is international in scope. This is an interesting placement, because my original goal was for Booker Rising to only focus on American issues. However, within a few months after its May 2004 founding, I felt like it needed to incorporate the black center-right beyond America’s shores as well.

However, Pluto in the 10th House also suggests a problem with authority figures.

With Jupiter (which symbolizes expansiveness) in information-oriented Virgo, Booker Rising seeks expansive knowledge and organizational structure.

booker-rising-headerKey Personality Trait: Dedicated To Protecting Its Community Roots, Its Heritage, And Its Values. Deep Interest In History

Booker Rising’s Venus, Mars, and Saturn are in the 4th House of Home & Family, which is one of Booker Rising’s most tenanted houses. Booker Rising loves its community roots and heritage, history, tradition, culture, patriotism, and focusing on the past, which are all 4th House issues. This is no surprise, given the blog’s old-school namesake. This aspect is linked with the previously-mentioned 12th House Uranus, which creates a pull back towards the past despite a desire for individual uniqueness.

With Mars (which symbolizes action) in protective-minded Cancer, Booker Rising’s action impulse is to protect its “clan”. What one website says about Mars in the 4th House: “You put your fighting spirit at the service of the defence of your clan. Family and homeland: here are your reasons to take action as well as to fight for your rights and your interests. You do not let anybody endanger your cell, your little world, and your close friends. Should these values be threatened, you immediately mobilise all your resources in order to protect them.” Since Booker Rising’s “clan” are black moderates and black conservatives, the blog’s fighting spirit is in defense of this group.

This is particularly so for Booker Rising because its 4th House is conjunct conservative-minded Saturn. Mars rules the 2nd House of Values cusp and Saturn rules the 11th House of Friendships cusp (which also oversees humanitarianism and political activism). Booker Rising is thus dedicated to protecting tradition, patriotism, and its humanitarian and center-right values.

With the Sun (symbolizing ego) in the 2nd House of Values, Booker Rising has a developmental need to establish and live by its own value system. It has a need to do things its own way.

However, Booker Rising does have a non-traditional streak. With Jupiter (symbolizing expansion) in opposition to Uranus, it is keen to change society and shed some old traditions.


Key Personality: A Focus On Serving Humanity

Along with the 4th House, the 12th House of Self-Undoing is one of the most tenanted houses in the chart. Booker Rising’s Moon, Uranus, and Neptune all sit in the 12th House, the house of service and sacrifice. This is the Serve-Or-Suffer house, and thus a driving force behind Booker Rising. Booker Rising’s great “emotional” need (Moon), creative need (Neptune), and rebellious need (Uranus) is to work for the common good and improve people’s lives. This desire to serve others is reinforced by the fact that the ruler of Booker Rising’s Ascendant/1st House of Self cusp — Neptune — is located in the 12th House. Thus, serving others is central to Booker Rising’s self-identity. Yet another reinforcement is that Booker Rising’s Vertex is located in the 7th House, the House of Partnerships. Thus, being useful to society is Booker Rising’s key goal.

The Moon (which represents Booker Rising’s “emotions”) in the 12th house of altruism is very emotionally motivated to work on behalf of, and for the betterment of humanity. This is even more so given that the Moon is in the sign of humanitarian-oriented Aquarius. Booker Rising’s reigning emotional need is to have individuality, be unconventional, and live out its social awareness.

The Ruler of Booker Rising’s Pisces Ascendant (Neptune) is placed in the 12th House of altruism, which reinforces that altruism and humanitarianism is central to Booker Rising’s self-identity. The ruler of its 5th House of Pleasure (which oversees creativity) is also in the 12th House, suggesting that Booker Rising will utilize its creativity to serve humanity. Furthermore, the ruler of the blog’s 6th House of Health (which also oversees public service) is in the money-oriented 2nd House. This placement reinforces the link between the blog’s income and public service. The ruler of Booker Rising’s Midheaven (career cusp) is located in the 6th House, linking public service to the blog’s career. With Jupiter in the 6th House of public service rushing into the 7th House of relationships, Booker Rising will appeal to the public while working in the service of others.

Where Booker Rising Will Experience Its Most Fortune: Communications

Mercury (which symbolizes thoughts and communication) positioned in the 1st House of Self means that thinking about the world and Booker Rising’s place in it is very important to Booker Rising. It expresses itself through an inquisitive approach to life.

With Jupiter on its Descendant (the 7th House of Partnerships), Booker Rising will benefit through relationships. Dealing with the public is very important to Booker Rising.

Booker Rising’s Part of Fortune is placed in communicative Gemini in the 3rd House of Communications. With its Part of Fortune in Gemini, the blog’s “joy” comes from indulging its curiosity about a wide variety of subjects. More specifically, curiosity in the area of communications (writing, speaking, and teaching) and information processing. This placement is an excellent one for a news site such as Booker Rising.

With three quintiles — Sun quintile Ascendant, Mercury quintile Neptune, and Venus quintile Jupiter — in its chart, Booker Rising is a very creative entity. Booker Rising’s chart is Mercury oriental (i.e., Mercury was the last planet to rise before the sun), so communications (which Mercury rules) is a key theme in Booker Rising’s “life.” In addition, Booker Rising’s midpoint chart has communications stamps upon it: its Aries Point=Mercury/Jupiter and Midheaven=Mercury/Jupiter. These placements demonstrate creative expression through communications and writing.

In its declinations, Jupiter is contraparallel Uranus in Booker Rising’s natal chart. Adze writes about this placement: “You have a natural flair for multi media communications and syndicated messages. Find your audience. Get in front of the microphones and cameras. All the world’s a stage and you are a superstar. You can pull off big surprises. You can become a broadcast or film star. Your exploits belong on prime time TV.” Who knew?

Furthermore, the ruler of Booker Rising’s 9th House of Philosophy is in the 10th House of Social Status. Thus, the blog’s philosophy is likely to come to public attention. Publishing is one of the 9th House arenas, so this placement also links publishing to Booker Rising’s career.

However, to be fulfilled, Booker Rising must think and communicate in an aggressive fashion (Mercury in Aries). Mercury in Aries also produces a fondness for debates, which is a good placement given Booker Rising’s purpose. Booker Rising also has a values need to shine brightly in the spotlight (Sun in the 2nd House).

question-markChallenge: Lacks Confidence In Its Identity

Virtually every natal chart has some challenging aspects (some a lot more than others). While this chart is a very good one overall for Booker Rising’s mission and activities, it does reveal a few challenges. A key challenge in its chart is its Sun (ego) square Neptune (dreaminess), which suggests that Booker Rising lacks “confidence” in its own identity which affects its ability to achieve its ambitions.

Challenge: Expresses Its Interests Well, But With Little Regard For Others’ Perspectives 

This challenge is seen by the placement of Mercury (symbolizing thoughts and communication) in the 1st House of Self, coupled with the Sun (symbolizing Booker Rising’s ego) in the 2nd House of Values. It suggests that Booker Rising has heightened subjectivity. It is good at defining and expressing its own interests, but has little understanding of the perspectives of others.

There are a few other negative placements, but they’re suited for an individual and not a non-human entity like Booker Rising.