Side-Eye Post Of The Day: Chris Christie: “My Weight Is No Barrier To Becoming President”

From the Associated Press, about the conservative Republican governor of New Jersey: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he is ‘more than a little’ overweight — but fit enough to be in the White House. The Republican governor was asked about his weight problem during an interview with Barbara Walters for her ’10 Most Fascinating People’ special Wednesday night on ABC.”

He says that he hired a personal trainer about a year ago (but one can’t tell): “When Walters started the discussion by telling Christie he is a ‘little overweight,’ he responded: ‘More than a little.’ Asked why, he answered: ‘If I could figure that out, I’d fix it.'”

Booker Rising response: Delusional talk. Especially in this image-driven media era —  right or wrong —  Americans don’t elect morbidly obese presidents. The last president to be anywhere near Christie’s weight was William Howard Taft (in office from 1909-1913). Ol’ boy was so fat that he even got stuck in the White House bathtub on several occasions and aides had to use butter to dislodge him.