Top 25 Bookeristas Of 2012: Nominations

Thomas Sowell (2009), Allen West (2010), and Herman Cain (2011) have won Booker Rising’s top honor by readers’ votes. Which black moderates, conservatives, and libertarians — pundit, activist, journalist, blogger (besides this blog’s hostess), expert, Twitterer, Facebook armchair analyst, whomever — do you believe stood out this year and should be on the Top 25 list? Who made a special mark? Whom do you believe should get special shine as 2012 Bookerista Of The Year?

Qualified nominees must: (1) be of acknowledged black African ancestry, or groups and blogs majority-run by individuals of such ancestry; (2) be conservative, libertarian, moderate-conservative, moderate, or moderate-liberal in ideology; and (3) have been physically alive sometime in 2012.