Do African Americans Pay More for Florida Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

Living in an all-black neighborhood can be a challenge. Especially to your Florida homeowners insurance rates. According to recent studies, homeowners that are located in a heavily African American populated zip code will pay more for their home coverage than a similar homeowner that lives in an all-white neighborhood. These higher rates are given no matter what your claim record, population, or income looks like. Even the companies will never ask you to identify your race, every carrier bases risk off locations.

Do African Americans pay more for coverage?

Averagely, based on current studies African American communities are receiving quoted premiums that are over 75% percent higher than similar owners in an all-white community. Here are the hard facts as to why African Americans pay more for their FL homeowners insurance coverage according to

Crime Rates

Home insurance companies in Florida will be sure to take a look at how dangerous the area you live in is. As expected, the more dangerous the area the higher the rates you will receive. This is due to dangerous neighborhoods having a higher rate of theft, vandalism, and even fraud. Unfortunately, these factors are all found in neighborhoods with a higher African American population.

Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a huge determining factor that can affect your Florida home insurance rates. Credit problems greatly affect African Americans. African Americans are known to have much lower credit scores than whites.


It’s no secret that married couples will pay cheaper rates on their homeowners than married people. Married people are considered to be more stable. Once you are married you are combining your policy with your spouse. However, recent studies have shown that African Americans are more likely to not get married or even stay married.

While the studies may show that African Americans pay more for their Homeowners insurance in Fl. You must look at the bigger picture here. All insurance companies will determine your rates by using a number of factors. They cannot determine rates based on your race! It just so happens that these factors are usually poor for African American individuals.

Save Money on Florida Homeowners Insurance

Everyone is eligible to save money on their homeowners coverage. No matter what your race or age is, you too can find the affordable policy you deserve! You can receive nothing but affordable and reliable quotes online at Thousands of customers looking for better deals, collect their quotes online. If you are looking for affordable coverage start shopping and comparing today.

Car Insurance Florida Drivers Voted #1. How Much Is It Per Month?

According to recently conducted research, Florida is the third highest ranking state in the U.S. for auto rates averaging $2,219 annually. This is nearly double the national average of $1,457. The reason why car insurance Florida motorists purchase is so high is due to the amount of high-risk and uninsured drivers. This is quite unfortunate for all the careful drivers out there.

A recent IRC study claims that Florida is home to over 26% of uninsured drivers nationwide. Not only are Florida car insurance rates high because of lack of responsible drivers, it is also due to severe weather emergencies. For example, annual hurricanes and the fact that Florida is a no-fault state. According to , this simply means that each party is responsible for paying for their own damages, regardless of who crashed into who. With all these risks in mind, it is important to insure yourself with the company that is willing to cover all emergencies for the lowest price.

Factors that Affect Rates

Auto insurance in Florida, much like any other state, is solely dependent on how risky a person is. Risk factors include age, driving history, vehicle type, credit score, zip code, and more. Very few people have the same monthly rates because of these factors, so it’s up to each person to find the cheapest rate depending on their lifestyle. Do they play by the rules or live life on the edge?

How to Achieve the Best Monthly Rates

While people don’t have much control over their age,which has a major impact on personal rates. Most people do have control on the majority of the other factors. says young drivers are typically risky to insure because they have the least experience on the roads. So if you’re in your teens or early twenties, focus on being the safest and most responsible driver possible. That way you receive the lowest rates possible, especially in Florida.

Credit score is another factor that can skyrocket your monthly rates. According to world wide web, most companies will charge 90% more than the average rate if you have low credit scores. Lastly, vehicle models and driving records can significantly affect your monthly rates. When it comes to car shopping, think the safest car possible because it’s easier and cheaper to insure. Unlike insuring a sports car. Finally, keep your driving record clean of any tickets and accidents. Companies will be happier to insure you if you’re not a troublemaker.

How to Secure a policy in Florida

The best way to secure auto insurance Florida drivers want is to shop and compare at . Remember rates will depend on the personal factors previously listed. Always make sure to compare policies because there is no flat rate in the world of auto coverage. Make sure you sign on with a company that offers full coverage for a fair price. That way there is no need to worry about the number of high-risk drivers sharing the roads with you in the Sunshine State.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance, What Does It Cover?

Florida motorcycle insurance is not mandatory for riders. However, it does not imply you can ride around without any coverage. Having no coverage at all is way too risky. Just because a policy isn’t required doesn’t mean you can get by with none. Do you really want to risk losing everything you have?

What do I need to know about motorcycle coverage?

There are quite a few things that you should understand about motorcycle coverage according to First and foremost, Florida is a state that has no fault coverage. This means a policy pays for the medical care required for an injury and property damage caused in an accident regardless of whose fault it is. An insured rider may or may not be at fault. The insurance company will pay anyway.

As a motorcyclist it is your duty to make sure you have proper coverage. Ensuring you have proper coverage is as easy as collecting a Florida motorcycle insurance quote. Keep in mind the state has some minimum requirements. Motorcycle insurance Florida residents purchase should provide coverage of ten thousand dollars each for bodily injury liability of a single person and property damage liability caused per crash.

If bodily injury liability is required for more than one person, who is usually the insured, then a relevant policy should be opted for and the premium will increase. There is a minimum coverage requirement for bodily injury liability of two people. This is twenty thousand dollars according to If the coverage for bodily injury liability of one person is increased from the minimum requirement of ten thousand dollars, then the premium will increase too. The same applies to increasing the coverage for property damage liability per crash.

FL motorcycle insurance is a no fault policy so insured riders will get the coverage even if they are at fault. If another rider or driver is at fault, then to an insured person can claim the coverage of their own policy. The state does have a provision where compensation cannot be sought from the at-fault rider or driver, unless there is a severe accident that has caused serious injury and/or property damage. If the injury and property damage get paid for with a policy, then a rider does not get to claim any compensation from the at-fault driver. If there are lost wages, unpaid medical bills, immense pain and suffering among other troubles, then one must pursue the other party and their company to claim financial compensation for the damages.